Your work is tough, and sometimes you get hurt.
We help you recover.

Pro athletes recover quickly from injury because of sports medicine. Ready Rebound personally guides you through a new healthcare system designed to get you bouncing back in record time to good health – whether you were injured on-duty or off.  

Firefighter Nicholas Cupples, Memphis Fire Department

"I got injured on the job on a Saturday night. I notified Ready Rebound on a Monday. By that Friday I was on my way to recovery, I had an MRI and surgery in less then a week. Rebound handled everything from beginning to end! It was a pleasure working with them. They worked hard to get me back to full duty in a timely manner!"

Benefits for Members of Ready Rebound's Injury Recovery Division

Rebound covers families

Families are covered
by Ready Rebound, too!

As part of our investment in supporting all you do each and every day,  your immediate family members also are eligible to use our services when they get injured. When it comes to our philosophy of service to you, we’re all in!

Treatment Options

From the moment you call us, our Navigators immediately start connecting you with the best healthcare providers in your area and give you choices to fit your needs.

Personal Advocate

Our Advocates guide you through every step of your healing journey, making appointments, helping with paperwork and keeping your department updated.

Fast Scheduling & Diagnosis

You will typically see a specialist within 48 hours and get a diagnosis within 72 hours. You also get priority scheduling for appointments and procedures.

Special Network of Providers

Our handpicked sports-medicine trained partner doctors and therapists are the best in your region. They are dedicated to giving you priority care and helping you return to work 100 percent ready for your job.

Sports Medicine Approach

Athletes get back on the field faster because an entire field of medicine is devoted to their healing. Now, that same process quickly brings you the highest level of care.

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email