We help your employees get better. Fast.

Ready Rebound understands the worry department leaders have when a worker gets injured. You want them to get the very best care.

We guide public safety employees through a complex healthcare system so they heal more quickly, bounce back to work swiftly and get back to enjoying their lives, too.

In the process,  we save time and money for all stakeholders.

Battalion Chief Robbie Franks, Memphis Fire Department

"Ready Rebound has literally done everything they said they would do, as well as go above and beyond. Police and fire budgets are getting hit hard, and injuries are a big part of that. We are always having to look for ways to save money. When you have Ready Rebound in your corner, helping you get people back to the job faster, that is huge for us."

Benefits for Administrators

Part of your team

We seamlessly integrate into your workers compensation process without adding any additional work or eliminating positions. We send Ready Rebound trainers to help with the launch to get to know staff so that our service is woven into the fabric of your department.

Highly Trained & Specialized Providers

Ready Rebound partner clinicians are sports medicine trained, which means they understand the physical challenges your employees face beyond standard workplace injuries. They also complete Ready Rebound Police and Firefighter for a Day training sessions to personally experience gear, equipment and stress of public safety workers.

Priority Care & Support

The moment Ready Rebound takes a worker's call, we immediately assess their injury and connect them with the best provider. Advocates then guide employees through their healing journey, assisting with scheduling, following up after appointments and answering concerns.

Ongoing Communication

We keep all stakeholders informed about a member's progress with regular updates. Like a coach for a pro sports team, department leaders have to make tough calls based on their roster. Ready Rebound is committed to keeping everyone in the loop.

Custom Reporting

We track every injury in your department, so that you have accurate and trustworthy information to make decisions. Our detailed reports include utilization, lost time, average days/treatment and estimated backfill.

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Call or email now to get the best, expedited injury recovery

Call or email now to get the best, expedited injury recovery

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email